About Us

Company Information 

Pretty Girl County is an online store for the clothing, and distribution of lifestyle products in four categories: apparel, accessories, fragrances, and home. It is also an online platform to highlight, promote, and empower women and girls globally throughout all counties, cities, and communities.  We strive to encourage women and girls to be confident and embrace their inner and outer “Pretty”. PRETTY = Positive. Radiant. Educated. Talented. Transformative. You. These six words derived from the letters in the word “pretty” are critical in the lives of women and girls. The number six is also important because it represents femininity and is essentially a working, and building number. We hope to inspire and motivate women and girls to build a solid sisterhood while working to achieve success, peace, harmony, and justice throughout the world.


Our Brand

Pretty Girl County is a brand that seeks to empower women and girls to be comfortable within their own skin and not conform to what society deems as beautiful or perfect. Beauty is not limited to a particular look, image, or figure. Diversity, uniqueness and differences are the epitome of beauty. We offer a variety of items that will help to accentuate and display everyone’s distinct inner and outer “Pretty”.



At Pretty Girl County our mission is to globally invoke counties, cities and communities with active, independent, and confident women and girls who entrust each other to become conscious of their boundless potential. We strive to redefine femininity and allow women and girls to do things their way regardless of the cliché of societal norms. Women and girls should have freedom in all facets of their lives without the fear of double standards. We hope to help women and girls explore this freedom emotionally, spiritually, and physically while making an impact throughout the world.